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About custom artwork:

Each portrait is digitally created by artist, Hannah Auer. I will then send you a digital copy of your artwork and create a hard copy print of your artwork to ship to you alongside a mini care package. 


Absolutely no cost to you as the bereaved parent. 


We DO accept donations via Zelle: or Venmo: Hannah-Auer-6. Our main objective is to get digital drawings and mini care packages into the hands of bereaved parents in honor of their deceased child at no cost to them. Although, this will not cost the bereaved a single cent, it will come at a cost to Rush's Rainbows. If donating doesn't appeal to you, we also sell merchandise in honor of our son Rush and all proceeds go to Rush's Rainbows so that we can comfortably create these drawings and care packages. 

After you place an order:

After you have placed an order please send an email with your photo(s) and art ideas to High quality photos guarantee maximum realistic details in the artwork. Please include a description of any customizations or additions you’d like in the final artwork (examples: angel wings, halo, birth/death date, etc.). Hannah is happy to discuss the artwork before she begins creating your digital drawing!

Please note that when you place an order you will be put into a line. Drawings may take 3-4 days to complete. There may be a few drawings ahead of your order to be completed first. Hannah will send you an email with an approximate start date of your artwork. She will also email you the day she begins your artwork and send you photo updates as she progresses through the artwork. When the artwork is done she will send you a final photo of the art for you to approve before it is mailed out to you.


Want Your Angel To Be Featured On Our Blog?:

When you place your order you can also add your angels story to the end in a separate paragraph. I will then compile your story and the image I will draw of your angel and create a blog post spotlighting your angel!

Have other kids?:

Mention in your email whether you have other children so I can curate your package with a children's book.


Ships USPS or UPS with tracking included. Delivery typically takes about 1-7 days. Please enter your address at the end of your message as well.


Untitled_Artwork (1).png
Untitled_Artwork (1).png

Let's Chat About Your Custom Art

Send pictures separately to:

Thanks for submitting!
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